triResolve Cashflow

Efficient affirmation service


TriOptima’s triResolve service is the market leading portfolio reconciliation platform, used by OTC derivatives participants to identify population and valuation differences and resolve margin call disputes. triResolve’s multilateral transparent platform, with embedded exception-based STP processing, has dramatically improved efficiency in the marketplace. 

triResolve has now extended the service to include cashflow affirmation to aid the derivatives settlement process. Participants submit their upcoming trade level cashflows across all counterparties, and by leveraging triResolve trade matching, they can achieve greater alignment and help to identify any differences which will cause settlement breaks. 

We enable firms to manage settlement affirmation across all asset classes very efficiently, thus preparing them for the upcoming compressed payment processing timeframes which will be imposed by benchmark transition.

Centralized service model

Traditionally firms have contacted each counterparty directly to resolve settlement breaks, typically, after the fails have occurred. Using the triResolve model, projected cashflow data is provided to a single point, ahead of  settlement, and the reconciliation results are available instantly to both parties, allowing differences to be resolved in a timely manner.

Differences highlighted instantly

Differences in net settlement amount per currency and payment date are identified instantly. Drill down into the individual cashflows where amounts, payment dates or other data differences will generate a fail unless resolved. The flexible platform allows the use of GUI and/or APIs to consume match status and exceptions.


Enhance transparency and eliminate manual processing with secure data transfer

Cashflow data is submitted securely to a single point. Reconciliations start automatically with exceptions instantly raised for action.

Agree payments ahead of settlement

An efficient workflow for agreeing upcoming payments with counterparties is essential. Resolving breaks in advance of settlement eliminates fails, improves projected funding accuracy and increases settlement certainty.

Bring the settlements and margin process into focus together

Inaccurate settlement projections contribute to margin disputes. That’s why we bring submitted cashflows into frame for portfolio reconciliation and collateral teams, as well as direct settlements teams, and provide each team with a user interface that is fit for purpose.


“We needed a solution to align our projected cashflows and highlight exceptions for bilateral trades with counterparties as well as our inter-affiliate and cleared trades. Using triResolve cashflow reconciliation brings us closer to Settle To Market”

– Major derivatives market participant

Why choose TriOptima

Fully integrated to triResolve portfolio reconciliation:
Cashflows and portfolio data on the same platform provide considerable advantages to both the settlement team and the margin/portfolio reconciliation team.

Rapid onboarding:
You can be up and running on our web-based service instantly. We normalize data in any submitted format – plus our web-based platform requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

Operational efficiencies:
With unrivalled automation and an exception-based process, you can free up resources to focus on higher value tasks.

Cost efficient:
No transaction fees are charged to reconcile cash flows related to trades seen on triResolve – it’s an extension of our existing service.