triResolve Reporting Reconciliation

Achieve accurate trade reporting with ease.


Why reconcile your reported data?

With reporting requirements becoming increasingly complex, it’s more challenging than ever for firms to ensure their reported data is accurate. The trade reporting landscape is fragmented, with multiple trade repositories in different jurisdictions. This makes it difficult for market participants to get a holistic view of the reported data.

Our reporting reconciliation service brings your data together in one place and identifies differences so you can ensure what has been reported is correct.


Cost effective

Pay as you go with no hidden fees via our transparent pricing model.

Rapid onboarding

Be live within a day, the web-based platform requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

Automatic detection of data issues

Our advanced analytics and intuitive case management workflow allows errors to be tracked and assigned root causes.

Cross jurisdictional matching

We can quickly match your counterparty data no matter where the records reside.

Advanced algorithmic matching

We can match and validate all trade data without the need for a common UTI/USI.

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Our comprehensive solution allows you to fulfill your obligation to ensure reporting accuracy.


Step One
Send your internal trade records to triResolve in any data format.

Step Two
Authorise your trade repositories to transmit data reported by you or your delegated third party and/or your counterparties to triResolve.

Step Three 
We normalise the data and reconcile all submitted data fields.

Step Four
Use the flexible and functional triResolve platform to identify, track, investigate, and help resolve discrepancies.

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