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On April 3, BCBS-IOSCO announced  a 1 year deferral of UMR phases 5 & 6.  Read our article to gain further insight into what the delay means & hear TriOptima perspectives on what firms can do with the extra time.

Preparation starts now

Calculate your inputs, manage your margin calls and resolve your disputes with TriOptima’s seamless initial margin service. With one simple trade file you can benefit from an end-to-end solution, with no complicated integration or installation required.

The mandatory exchange of initial margin (IM) is being phased in based on a notional threshold which reduces over time. Under the new rules, potentially thousands of firms will come into scope for IM between now and September 2022. Preparation will take significant time and require “intensive work to ensure systems, processes and documentation are in place,” according to ISDA. The time to begin preparing is now. For more detail, read our step-by-step guide on initial margin preparation.

What is important for firms in UMR phases 5 & 6?

Raf Pritchard, head of triResolve, discusses the initial margin calculation and collaterialization challenges for firms coming into scope under phases 5 & 6 of the uncleared margin rules.
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Threshold Monitoring

With a simple trade file, TriOptima can calculate your IM exposure and give you the transparency you need to effectively monitor your IM thresholds. Learn more about our IM threshold monitoring solution.

Calculate your inputs

Margin calculations must be performed using an approved model, or pre-defined schedule. With one simple trade file, triCalculate provides out-of-the-box sensitivity calculations for the market's preferred model, ISDA SIMM™.

Manage your calls

An efficient workflow for exchanging and agreeing margin calls with your counterparties is essential. triResolve Margin automatically captures IM amounts, enabling automated exception-based margin call exchange. 

Resolve your disputes

Differences will inevitably arise when your input data is different to that of your counterparty. AcadiaSoft's Initial Margin Exposure Manager (powered by TriOptima) identifies the differences driving the disputes and helps you to reach a resolution and minimize future disputes.

TriOptima to support automated SWIFT payment capabilities


The new Settlement Automation service offers clients out-of-the-box connectivity to the SWIFT network for cash transfers, securities settlement and tri-party instructions. Instead of requiring firms to build their own connectivity to each individual custodian, the expanded service will offer clients direct access to a broad range of custodians and tri-party agents. This will in turn automate the settlement process by allowing both instruction and confirmation of collateral movements via a variety of standardized SWIFT messages.

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IM Segregation: Triparty or Third Party

The regulations require that initial margin should be segregated in a bankruptcy-remote account and firms coming into scope must work out how they will segregate collateral.  There are two segregation structures in play today; triparty and third-party and there are multiple factors to consider before deciding what is best for your firm.  This choice impacts custodian and counterparty legal documentation plus has direct consequences on a firm’s operational model.  triResolve Margin offers a fully automated margin process that provides complete support for the collateral lifecycle.

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WEBINAR: Meeting the challenge of UMR compliance

Get ready for initial margin

With industry estimates suggesting that 300 firms will come into scope in 2021 and another 700 in 2022, it is essential that firms understand and prepare for the calculation and exchange of initial margin.

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Why Choose TriOptima?

  • One simple trade file - only one data file and upload is required for calculating your inputs, managing your margin process and resolving your disputes with our seamless solution
  • Rapid onboarding - you can be up and running on our web-based service in a day
  • Operational efficiencies - with unrivalled automation and an exception-based process, you can free up resources to focus on your risk 
  • Cost efficient - our transparent pricing model is pay as you go with no hidden fees
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance - we enable firms to meet the demands of the new non-cleared margin regulation without additional resources
  • SWIFT payments network - SWIFT infrastructure facilitates automated cash transfers, securities settlement & tri-party instructions


Preparation Guide

Download our guide to see when you will come into scope for IM and the steps you need to take to ensure compliance. 

triCalculate SIMM Sensitivities

Simplify compliance to initial margin requirements with IM analytics, SIMM™ sensitivities calculations and backtesting from the easy-to-use, cost-effective service.

On-Demand Webinar

Watch our short webinar to learn about the challenges of IM and how to overcome them.

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