triReduce FX Compression

Eliminating costs and exposures in your FX portfolios.



In an exciting collaboration, TriOptima and CLS pioneered triReduce CLS FX, a service to provide risk mitigation services for the global FX market. This combines CLS’s infrastructure and market connectivity with our compression expertise.

triReduce CLS FX is a great tool for firms to gain regulatory and economic capital benefits while reducing direct costs to the business without changing their market risk positions. The service is available to all CLS settlement members, including prime brokers and third party clients. All currency pairs in CLS are in scope. In response to market demand we enhanced the service to combine compression with the ability to add new offsetting trades, all in the same cycle.

In addition to the triReduce CLS FX service, our clients can also take advantage of triReduce compression for NDFs (non-deliverable forwards).

We also offer compression for FX options, which have added complexity and are more expensive to maintain.


Improves the CRD4 element of the Leverage Ratio calculation under Basel III, which requires PFE add-ons for FX forward products. (1% for trades < 1 year, 5% for trades 1-5 years, and 7.5% for trades > than 5 years, per page 15 of the Basel III leverage ratio framework and disclosure requirements).

Assists firms that meet the ESMA volume thresholds to comply with the business conduct compression requirements. triReduce FX offers a platform for multiple institutions to compress regularly, thus efficiently fulfilling the ESMA requirements for many counterparties at the same time.

Enables firms to manage their gross notional exposures and redistribute counterparty exposure in order to achieve regulatory and economic capital benefits and reduce direct costs to the business.

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