Client cleared compression now available at Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC)



Non-direct clearing members now have access to JSCC’s triReduce multilateral compression via clearing brokers.  triReduce Rates leverages the multilateral opportunities in portfolio compression to eliminate trades across client accounts at multiple clearing brokers. It enables participants to terminate trades with different coupons, end dates and cash flows; and can significantly reduce trade count, gross notional outstanding, and gross mark-to-market exposures.

Using triReduce’s low touch compression platform, clients can also benefit from improved compression efficiencies and streamlined processes including the combination of IRS, basis and OIS products in each rates cycle and full automation via API technology.

“We believe client clearing compression will be a true differentiator of our capacity at JSCC, allowing our clients to achieve capital optimization and providing us with a unique marketing tool to attract sophisticated global clients to Japan.”
Shun Yanagisawa, Citi’s Japan Head of Futures, OTC Clearing and FXPB

"We’re delighted to add Japan Securities Clearing Corporation on to the low touch compression platform with all the benefits that it provides. We are extremely grateful to JSCC for seeing the opportunity and working very closely with TriOptima to provide the client cleared solution. Clients and clearing brokers of the JSCC now have access to the latest compression tools to help them manage operational resources and risks and reduce regulatory capital costs."
Phil Junod, Head of Business Management, triReduce-triBalance


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