Our Leaders

Peter Weibel 

Co Chief Executive Officer TriOptima
Chief Executive Officer triReduce

Peter Weibel is co CEO of TriOptima and the CEO of our triReduce service. He directs business development, sales, service management, and strategy globally for the triReduce business line.

Previously CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific, Peter grew TriOptima’s customer base in Asia, expanded the triReduce Rates termination service to 9 Asian currencies, and introduced triResolve to financial institutions in the Asian region. He also served as CEO of TriOptima EMEA.

Peter started with us in 2003 where he specialised in the field of credit derivative compressions. Before joining TriOptima, Peter was a senior trader of interest rate derivate products and FX-Options at Lloyds TSB in Zurich, Geneva, Tokyo and London. He has more than 20 years of experience in derivative trading / trade processing.

Peter holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland.

Raf Pritchard

Co Chief Executive Officer TriOptima
Chief Executive Officer triResolve 

Raf Pritchard is co CEO of TriOptima and the CEO of our triResolve service. Previously CEO of TriOptima North America, Raf joined TriOptima in 2005 as the Head of Service Management in North America. He directs business development, sales, service management, and strategy globally for the triResolve business line.

Raf spent seven years at SunGard Front Arena working with derivatives pricing and risk management software. He has over 20 years of experience in financial trading software having first started his career developing software for video games.

Raf holds a BSC in Computer Science from Imperial College, London University.

Yutaka Imanishi 

Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific 

Yutaka Imanishi is our CEO of TriOptima Asia Pacific. Previously Yutaka served as Director of TriOptima Japan overseeing the expansion of our compression and reconciliation services in the North Asia region and developing our Tokyo office and staff.

Yutaka started in our Singapore office as senior account executive, covering the entire Asia Pacific region. Before joining TriOptima, Yutaka was Head of Capital Markets at Nomura Singapore Ltd. and Head of Japan Desk at Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney. He has more than 20 years of experience in fixed income markets.

Yutaka holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Rikkio University in Tokyo, Japan and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Martin Sandström

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Sandström is our Chief Technology Officer. He directs the technology department and is responsible for all aspects of information technology; including system development, operations, technical infrastructure and IT strategy. Martin joined us in 2007, and in parallel with building up a successful technology team, he lead the effort to make TriOptima the first ever Swedish financial company to become ISO 27001 certified in 2009.

Prior to joining us, Martin was Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Enea, before which he held several other senior management roles at listed companies in the telecom area. Martin started his career as a software developer designing a collaboration platform for the Swedish Navy.

Martin holds an MSc in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Henrik Nilsson 

Head of Business Development 

Henrik Nilsson manages the business development team which drives the innovation essential for the market leading products and services. Under Henrik, the team works across the business lines identifying business opportunities in the evolving financial markets landscape, both expanding our existing offerings and bringing new services to the market.

Henrik joined TriOptima back in 2003 and has since worked with most of the TriOptima solutions.

Before joining us at TriOptima, he spent ten years at Sungard Front Arena, the derivatives valuation, risk management and processing system vendor.

Henrik holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. 

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