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TriOptima is an innovative, growing business. We are proud of where we have come from and we are excited about where we are going.


TriOptima has always been a team of innovators from the first few dedicated members launching the company to the global presence of today. Decades of industry experience concentrated in one place for one purpose, designing effective and easy-to-implement solutions for the OTC derivatives market.

We believe in listening – to our inspirations, to our colleagues, to our clients, and to the markets – in order to deliver simple but never static solutions to market challenges. We are always evolving with our clients and anticipating what the next important goal will be. Our work is exciting, fun and very demanding which means TriOptima is always striving to lead the market.

We design services that offer critical operational and credit risk management tools to the industry: triReduce for portfolio compression; triResolve for portfolio reconciliation, collateral management and reporting validation; and triCalculate for XVA analytics and trade valuations. Often ahead of the market, TriOptima believes it can educate the market in the value of its offerings.


We are experts in information and data security. Our security efforts have led to TriOptima achieving ISO 27001 certification, considered to be the international information security standard. This certification highlights our commitment to uphold our clients data securely, accurately and with integrity. 

Martin Sandstrom, Chief Technology Officer 





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