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  • Regulation’s impact on managing collateral relationships now and in the future
    • Insight providers: David White, Product Marketing Executive & Susan Hinko, Head of Industrial Relations, TriOptima Clear Path Analysis has put together a report that explores the evolving role of securities lending in a cleared environment, operational infrastructure changes and the practical challenges institutional investors must consider for optimum deriva
  • La reconciliación de carteras de Derivados OTC facilita el informe de las operaciones y el acuerdo de los UTI
    • Insight provider: Mara Moreno Todos los participantes en el mercado de derivados OTC y sujetos a EMIR tendrán que cumplir con la fecha límite del informe de sus operaciones estipulado por la European Securities y Markets Authority (ESMA) en febrero del próximo año. Podemos decir que los participantes del mercado se han compromet
  • Umsetzung der ESMA-Richtlinien zur Portfolioabstimmung und Streitbeilegung
    • Der CEO des triResolve Service von TriOptima, Raf Pritchard, erläutert die wesentliche Funktion von verlässlichen und automatisierten Systemen im Zusammenhang mit der Abstimmung von OTC-Derivateportfolios und der Untersuchung von Streitigkeiten, um den Auflagen der am 15. September 2013 in Kraft tretenden neuen ESMA-Regeln zu entsprechen. F: Wie lauten
  • Preparing for Portfolio Reconciliation and Dispute Resolution Requirements under ESMA
    • Insight provider: Raf Pritchard, CEO triResolve Raf Pritchard, CEO of TriOptima’s triResolve service, talks about the importance of implementing robust, automated systems for OTC derivative portfolio reconciliation and dispute investigation to prepare for the new ESMA rules that are effective September 15, 2013. Q: What are the new regulations regarding
  • DerivSource webinar recording
    • 2013 EMIR reconciliation, resolution and disclosure protocol to comply with EMIR’s September 15th requirements EMIR compliance for bilateral risk mitigation techniques for non-centrally cleared derivatives is required from September 15th. The ISDA 2013 EMIR Reconciliation, Resolution and Disclosure Protocol is designed to facilitate compliance wi
  • Reconciliation: Key to controlling OTC derivative exposures for the buy side
    • Insight providers: Mary Harris, Business Manager triResolve and Susan Hinko, Head of Industry Relations, TriOptima The new year brings with it an onslaught of requirements for managing OTC derivative portfolios, cleared and uncleared alike; and also presents new challenges with parallel tracks for processing and collateralizing the transactions. While standard
  • Clearing Risk
    • [Video] Insight provider: Mireille Dyrberg, COO, TriOptima The push to clear more trades means participants' fortunes are tied to the security and reliability of their counterparties. Mireille Dyrberg, chief operating officer with post-trade service company TriOptima, explains to FT Trading Room editor Philip Stafford how 'tearing up' of long-dated co
  • How to Adjust Processes to Comply with New Financial Regulation
    • Insight provider: David White, triResolve Product Marketing Executive, TriOptima In a Q&A, TriOptima’s David White explores the impact new financial regulation will have on portfolio reconciliation and dispute resolution processing and how firms can adjust operations to comply with new rules. Q. What is the current portfolio reconciliation
  • The changing regulatory environment
    • [video] Insight provider: Per Sjöberg, Group CEO, TriOptima The ongoing regulatory overhaul is forcing more firms to find ways to reduce risk and improve capital efficiencies. TriOptima has been working with firms on both issues using its triResolve service for portfolio reconciliation and triReduce services, for portfolio compression. The firm’s se
  • Exposure management in a cleared world
    • [video] Insight provider: Raf Pritchard, CEO triResolve, TriOptima Raf Pritchard, CEO of triResolve, speaks to Tabb’s Kevin McPartland about how TriOptima is tailoring its services in response to changes within the OTC derivatives world as new regulations are implemented and clearing gains traction. Whether it’s offering triReduce compression
  • It’s transparency, but not as we know it
    • Insight providers: Per Sjöberg, Executive Vice President, and Susan Hinko, Global Head of Industry Relations, TriOptima There is a widely-held belief that the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market and the pricing of transactions are too opaque and not accessible to the general public. Real time reporting and price transparency are viewed as th
  • TriOptima supports the ISDA Asia Pacific reconciliation pilot
    • Insight provider: Susan Hinko, Global Head of Industry Relations. The continuing ISDA-sponsored pilot of proactive portfolio reconciliation for OTC derivatives in the Asia Pacific region is further evidence of the globalization of regulatory standards. Large international banks are already required by American and European regulators to reconcile their OTC de
  • Structuring a trade repository to achieve regulatory goals
    • Insight provider: Per Sjöberg, Executive Vice President, TriOptima. TriOptima was selected by the industry to provide the Global Interest Rate Trade Reporting Repository (Rates Repository). The Rates Repository went live in January 2010 and public reporting began in March 2010. Based on TriOptima’s experiences with the Rates Repository, Mr. Sjöber
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