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Innovation in Derivatives Technology
The TRADE triReduce & triResolve

TriOptima receives “Innovation in Derivatives Technology” award from The TRADE for its triResolve Margin and triReduce services.

In making the announcement, The TRADE cited innovations that meet buy side requirements in TriOptima’s triResolve Margin service for automated end-to-end margin processing and its triReduce client-cleared compression service.

Best Post-Trade Services Provider: CLS-TriOptima
FX Week triReduce

CLS-TriOptima win FX Week’s Best Post Trade Services Provider award for their FX compression service.

Peter Weibel, chief executive of TriOptima’s multilateral compression service, triReduce, said: “TriOptima has a huge amount of experience in compression, as we have been in the business since 2003. Our strong infrastructure and robust legal framework are key to the success of the service.”


Most Innovative Data Product/Service of the Year
Financial News triResolve

triResolve Repository Reconciliation is an expansion of TriOptima’s existing triResolve service which provides post trade reconciliation, counterparty exposure management and margin call management services for OTC derivative trades. As new trade reporting and data validation requirements are implemented by regulators, triResolve Repository Reconciliation helps clients to identify and resolve potential discrepancies in their global repository data.

Commenting on the award win, Financial News said: “Few solutions have emerged to solve the widespread problem of validating information submitted to multiple trade repositories to meet new European derivatives rules. [TriOptima’s] triResolve business allows users to compare the data submitted with information on their own platform and can match trades even if identifiers, which have become a point of contention in trade reporting, do not tally up.”

Excellence in Commodity Risk Mitigation 
Commodity Business Awards triReduce

TriOptima wins a Commodity Business Award for Excellence in Risk Mitigation. 

triReduce’s portfolio compression and triResolve’s portfolio reconciliation and repository reconciliation help market participants achieve regulatory compliance and reduce risk exposure in their OTC derivatives portfolios.


OTC Infrastructure Service of the Year Award
Risk Magazine triReduce

TriOptima has received the Risk Magazine OTC Infrastructure Service of the Year Award for its triReduce compression service.

Peter Weibel, CEO of triReduce, said: “We are proud to receive this award which recognises the work we’ve done with market participants and other service providers to eliminate risk in the global financial system. Last year we passed the $500 trillion mark of notional principal eliminated, and we look forward to growing this achievement with regular compression cycles in the clearinghouses and for uncleared trades; and by adding inflation swaps and FX forwards to the triReduce catalogue.”

Compression Provider of the Year 2014
Global Capital’s Derivatives triReduce

TriOptima, leading provider of OTC derivative post trade risk service, received Global Capital’s Derivatives Compression Provider of the Year for its triReduce service on September 19, 2014.

In announcing the award, Global Capital Derivatives, said, "Due to the strength of its buyside and sellside client feedback, TriOptima was ranked as the top derivatives compression provider of the year globally. The firm has been at the forefront of innovation and expansion in a market where compression is becoming an increasingly fundamental tool for market participants."

Technology House of the Year  2014
Energy Risk triReduce & triResolve

TriOptima received the Energy Risk 2014 ”Technology House of the Year”  in recognition of the significant take-up of its triReduce (portfolio compression) and triResolve (portfolio reconciliation and dispute resolution) services in the energy sector. In addition to major financial institutions, TriOptima’s clients include a wide range of utilities, oil majors and commodity trading houses globally.

Commodity Risk Mitigation Award  2013
Commodities Now triReduce & triResolve

TriOptima was awarded the Commodities Now Business Award for Exposure Risk Mitigation. Achievements by triReduce in commodities-related portfolio compression and triResolve in commodities community portfolio reconciliation were cited as reasons for the award which is based on the development of business and/or market processes and practices that advance commodity risk exposure management.


Post-Trade Platform of the Year 2013
Derivatives Week TriOptima

TriOptima has been awarded the ‘Post-Trade Platform of the Year’ award by Derivatives Week. According to its editors, the firm has once again been praised by all forms of market participants for its triReduce, triResolve, and triBalance services. They believe that under the leadership of CEO Per Sjöberg and COO Mireille Dyrberg, the firm has continued to extend its services to financial market participants. Examples include the launch of triCalculate, the counterparty credit risk analytics service and offering the first precious metals triReduce compression cycle. 


Commodity Risk Mitigation - Special Commendation 2012
Commodities Now triReduce & triResolve
TriOptima received a Special Commendation for Risk Exposure Mitigation at the Commodity Business Awards for its triReduce and triResolve services. 

Technology House of the year award 2012
Risk Magazine triReduce & triResolve  

TriOptima received the Energy Risk Technology House of the Year award for its innovative triReduce and triResolve technologies. TriOptima’s portfolio compression service for OTC derivative dealers, triReduce, pioneers technology that eliminates risk and reduces operational and capital costs. Energy Risk was impressed by the efforts TriOptima has made to extend this service to the energy sector. Energy Risk also commended the progress TriOptima has made in adapting its triResolve network for the energy market community. Judged by Energy Risk's editorial panel and an external industry expert, the Energy Risk Awards 2012 honour those companies that are continuing to advance the energy markets through innovation, experience and sheer persistence. 

Industry platform of the year award 2009
Risk Magazine triReduce & triResolve
TriOptima's services triReduce for multilateral termination and triResolve for portfolio reconciliation have jointly received the “Industry Platform of the Year” award by Risk magazine. The services were cited as being critical in enabling the over-the-counter derivatives industry to weather the financial crisis. triReduce played a key role in one of the most testing events in the credit market over the past year – the settling of CDSs on Paris-based media firm Thomson. The triResolve service is currently being used by more than 1900 institutions and reconciles over 5.8 million trades, making it an essential tool for improving control and managing risk exposure. Additionally, TriOptima was chosen by ISDA’s rates steering committee to develop an interest rate derivatives repository. “TriOptima’s selection demonstrates the confidence the industry has in the company’s platform technologically and in its ability to build out a service,” says Andrew Powell, global chief operating officer for rates trading at JP Morgan.
European middle office provider of the year 2009
Funds Europe triResolve
Funds Europe has named TriOptima " Middle Office Provider of the Year " for its portfolio reconciliation service triResolve. triResolve was acclaimed for reducing the burden on the back office, increasing efficiency and facilitating compliance with regulatory reporting requirements. During 2009 the service has been adopted by buy-side firms as a key component of their risk management and trade control processes.
Technology company for the 21st century 2009
Financial News triResolve
TriOptima was among those firms acclaimed in Financial News’ fourth annual list of technology companies of the 21st century. To date, TriOptima's portfolio reconciliation service, triResolve, has reconciled more than 70% of all non-cleared OTC derivatives trades. TriOptima has now also been appointed by ISDA to provide an interest rate derivatives trade reporting repository leveraging the triResolve technology.
Technology company of the year 2009
Asia Risk triResolve & triReduce
TriOptima has been named "Technology Company of the Year" by Asia Risk magazine. triReduce was commended for bringing a welcome relief to the market by providing the ability to terminate unnecessary interest rate and credit derivatives trades via a multilateral termination platform. While triResolve, the company’s portfolio reconciliation service for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives portfolios, was praised for transforming portfolio reconciliation of OTC derivatives portfolios from a reactive, internal dispute-driven process, into a network community for proactive, regular reconciliations. Thanks to both services, clients have been able to free up much-needed capital, while keeping a close check on counterparty risk and staying on top of regulatory requirements. Risk managers say they haven’t looked back since signing up to the services.
Outstanding achievement award 2009
Credit Magazine triResolve
TriOptima received Credit magazine’s Editor’s Outstanding Achievement Award for its triResolve portfolio reconciliation service at its European Credit Awards ceremony. Based on market feedback in its poll of more than 450 investor companies, the editors of Credit recognized the increasing importance of triResolve in transforming portfolio reconciliation from reactive and dispute driven to a proactive, highly automated activity performed in collaboration with the counterparty.
Technology company for the 21st century 2008
Financial News triReduce
In its annual awards, Financial News acknowledges 21 information technology firms that offer innovative solutions with the power to transform businesses. TriOptima’s triReduce portfolio compression service was recognized as a service that is regarded by OTC derivative dealers and the global regulators as an important tool for improving financial stability by reducing notional outstandings.
Technology innovation award 2008
Credit Magazine triResolve
TriOptima’s triResolve portfolio reconciliation service was selected by Credit for transforming portfolio reconciliation from a reactive, dispute driven process into a proactive credit risk management function that serves as the foundation for accurate and efficient collateralization of the OTC derivatives portfolio. With over 5 million trades (single counted), triResolve participants are actively reconciling over 70% of all the OTC derivative transactions across asset classes and product types on a regular basis.
Industry trade processing platform award 2007
Risk Magazine triReduce
TriOptima's termination service, triReduce, was recognized again for its major contributions to minimizing operational, legal and counterparty credit risk by offering OTC derivative dealers regular opportunities to eliminate trades from their portfolios. From triReduce's launch in 2003 through May 2007, over 100 market participants terminated 192,000 interest rate swap contracts and 263,000 CDS single name and index transactions. A staggering 8.7 million fixings and 12.7 million payments for IRS swaps were eliminated, as well as 9.6 million CDS payments.
Technology company for the 21st century 2007
Financial News triResolve & triReduce
Financial News named TriOptima in its second annual list of 21 technology companies shaping the future of finance for the 21st century . Citing both its “flagship” multilateral terminations product, triReduce, and its recently-launched portfolio reconciliation service, triResolve, Financial News included TriOptima in a list of 21 “companies with innovative technology, a clear vision of how they might improve the markets in which they operate, and … some track record of success…” They recognized TriOptima as an emerging force in supplying systems to simplify the risky business of OTC derivatives confirmations and settlement.
Technology platform of the year 2006
Risk Magazine triReduce
Labeled a "godsend" for the credit derivatives market, TriOptima was cited by Risk for its ability to help credit derivative dealers "clear redundant trades off their books and reduce the size of their portfolios" through the triReduce termination service which was originally deployed for interest rate and energy swaps. Risk also praised TriOptima's "willingness to help the industry cope with recent major credit events" by introducing special termination cycles, extending its matching functionality, and calculating post default cash settlement payments.
Technology innovation of the year 2005
Asia Risk triReduce
In announcing TriOptima's award, Asia Risk noted TriOptima's growing success terminating Hong Kong dollar swaps through triReduce, as well as potential for future success in other Asian markets. "For TriOptima's innovative idea, its epic algorithm and the efficiencies it will help bring to Asian markets, the Swedish company is a clear winner in the technology space for 2005."
Innovation of the year 2005
Energy Risk triReduce
"triReduce, the multilateral swap cancellation service, has already make a splash with energy traders since its launch into the energy markets..." announced Energy Risk in its award profile. The first crude oil termination cycle cancelled 1,888 oil swaps, and energy traders are looking forward to future cycles not only in oil but power and gas. Describing TriOptima, Energy Risk commented "...its future looks very bright."


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